Essentials for Publishing Plugins

To publish plugins on Sketchpacks, your repository and plugin metadata must meet the following requirements.

Repository Requirements

At it's most basic level, Sketchpacks syncs with git repositories. If Sketchpacks can not connect with a repository, the plugin will not be available in the registry.

These basic requirements help keep the registry free of repositories that are not Sketch plugins. It also helps us ensure that all plugins in the registry meet the same basic structure.

Plugin Requirements

These basic requirements help ensure that all plugins in the registry are unique, and can be accessed by their identifiers. It also ensures that plugin versions can be correctly sorted using Semantic Versioning.

Plugin Configuration on Sketchpacks

To configure your plugin, add a .sketchpacks directory to your repositories root directory. You can use this config directory to tell Sketchpacks where to find your plugin's manifest and appcast files.

Important: the .sketchpacks config directory is not required, but if Sketchpacks can not find your manifest, or finds the wrong one, you will need to correct it here.

Next Steps

Caught a mistake or what to contribute to the documentation? Edit this page on Github.

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