Unique Plugin Identifiers

Sketch as well as Sketchpacks needs a unique identifier to track your plugin. You can define your plugin's identifier in the manifest.json or package.json file.

From the Sketch developer documentation: http://developer.sketchapp.com/guides/plugin-bundles/#manifest

Identifier A string specifying a unique identifier for the Plugin. Reverse-domain syntax is strongly encouraged, for example com.example.sketch.shape-plugins. Sketch uses this string internally to track the Plugin, store settings for it, etc.


  • you must provide a unique plugin identifier
  • you must provide a identifier with only alpha-numeric characters, "-", "_", and periods
  • you must define the identifier property in the manifest.json
  • you may define the identifier property in the package.json

Setup Examples

Example manifest.json:

  "name" : "My Awesome Plugin",
  "identifier" : "my.awesome.plugin",
  "appcast": "https://api.sketchpacks.com/v1/plugins/my.awesome.plugin/appcast"

Example skpm settings in the package.json:

  "skpm": {
    "name": "awesome-plugin",
    "title": "My Awesome Plugin",
    "manifest": "src/manifest.json",
    "identifier": "my.awesome.plugin",
    "appcast": "https://api.sketchpacks.com/v1/plugins/my.awesome.plugin/appcast",
    "main": "awesome-plugin.sketchplugin"

Sketchpacks will check for plugin identifiers using the following order:

  1. manifest identifier
  2. package skpm identifier

If an identifier can not be found, the plugin will not be inserted into the registry.

Using identifiers in the Sketchpacks API

Plugin identifiers can be used as a primary key to fetch a plugin from the Sketchpacks API. So, for example, if your plugin identifier was named: com.sketchpacks.awesome-plugin, then the API endpoint would be:


You can also use this identifier to fetch additional plugin information, such as your manifest, releases, or appcast feed.


See the Sketchpacks API Reference for more information.

Using identifiers in Sketchpacks plugin bundles

When a plugin bundle is exported, Sketchpacks will use your plugins identifier as the primary key to reference your plugin in the bundle. When a plugin bundle is being imported, Sketchpacks will also use the plugin identifier to lookup the plugin in the registry.

Next Steps

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