Providing Plugin Updates

With Sketchpacks Relay installed on your plugins' Github repos, providing updates is simple.

Native Sketch plugin updates

The latest Sketch beta allows for plugin updates right from within Sketch itself. 👏🏽

Allowing your users to apply updates from within Sketch is done by simply adding a new property, appcast, to your manifest.json file.

// content omitted for brevity

  name: "Awesome Sketch Plugin",
  identifier: "com.sketchpacks.awesome-plugin",
  appcast: ""  

You may use the Appcast API Endpoint provided by the Sketchpacks API to serve your plugins' Appcast feed.

All your semantically versioned release assets published on Github will be available to all Appcast feed consumers.

Try out the Appcast API endpoint

Auto-updates within Sketchpacks

If you have Sketchpacks Relay installed on your plugins' Github repos, then you're all set.

Sketchpacks will provide the users' desired level of updates by setting their lock strength to apply patch- and minor-level updates. Fully unlocked plugins will apply all updates.

Next Steps

Caught a mistake or what to contribute to the documentation? Edit this page on Github.

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